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Chrome and explorer blocked

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Hello, Malware anti-virus blocked my google chrome and explorer when I want to open a new window. How do I change the settings so that it can no longer happen?

Thank You

Hello and :welcome:

This is mainly an english forum and I have translated your question for you. Can you be more specific as to exactly what is happening with your computer. Are you getting errors or messages of any sort?

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Hello and welcome, boloweti: :)

EDIT: Thanks, Firefox. I think you posted while I was still typing. :)

My French is pretty limited & very rusty, but I think we might need a bit more information, in order to help you better.

Until one of our other members who speaks French arrives...

If I understand you correctly, are you saying that MBAM (Malwarebytes) is blocking your visiting certain sites using Chrome or Internet Explorer?

It sounds as if the IP blocking feature of MBAM is working to do its job by blocking known bad IPs from infecting your system.

Please see this >>FAQ topic - Section G<< for a lot of detailed information about the IP blocking module.

It explains what the IP blocker does, how to configure it to ignore certain sites, how to report a false positive, etc.

There is additional info >>HERE<<.

Please post back and let us know if you need further assistance.

Thanks for your patience with my limited foreign language skills,


PS Please be aware that MBAM is NOT an anti-virus, but rather an anti-malware program. Please refer to this FAQ explanation >>HERE<<.

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