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Firefox and flash player.

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hi malwarebytes forum,

im having a problem with my firefox browser.whenever i want to watch a youtube video or anything that involves using the flash player firefox freezes and doesnt respond.is there something im missing please.?

Any help would be very much appreciated as i dont want to use any other browser if i can help it. :wacko:

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Hi, Arnold72:

Countless topics here (can't seem to find the topic links ATM :( ), at the Mozilla support site, at the Adobe support site, as well as at the MZ forum & Adobe forum (and elsewhere) over the past few weeks.

Short version: there were problems with Adobe Flash player 11.3 and Fx 13, esp for Vista and Win7.

(HINT -- Google search: "Flash Player 11.3 and Firefox 13")

The problems were (partially) resolved with recent version updates to both Flash (current version for Fx is 11.3.300.262) and Fx (current version is 13.0.1).

More complete fixes are due out with next Flash version and next Firefox version (v. 14, due to ship on July 17).

Best practice recommendation for now seems to be:

Close Firefox & all other browsers.

Uninstall Flash Player using the Flash Player uninstaller.


Clean install latest version from the official Adobe download site.

Note: Because the uninstaller will remove the IE/ActiveX version of Flash, too, you'll also need to download and reinstall that version, as well. The ActiveX version was not updated to the same version number as the plug-in version. Current latest release for ActiveX is 11.3.300.257.

This may or may not be your problem, but it's a good place to start.

There are other considerations, such as "hardware acceleration" in Firefox, that you might also investigate.



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News Flash (pun intended): :D

I had come across this previously, but had forgotten to mention in my original reply, that there's also some sort of conflict between RealPlayer (specifically the download feature) and Flash in Fx13.

Here is a recent topic (one of several) at MZ forum for which disabling the RP download feature resolved the no-video issue for the OP.

Uninstalling RP also works, apparently.

Problems With FF13 After Real Player Update. No Video?



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There is a new Flash version. It has corrected the problems in Flash movies that I have noted.

There was one glitch...

I use FF v3.6.28 and the Adobe.Com site presented a note indicating that the new Flash supports FF v4.0 and above and it didn't give me the updated version.

I changed the User-Agent to FF v4.0 and went back to Adobe.Com and downloaded the latest Flash software. I installed it and then ran a bunch of Flash based videos and all video viewing seemed to be working OK, especially the audio.

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