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Why the sudden influx of svchost.exe trojans?

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I'm a little curious here. Looking at the help forums, it seems like a lot of people are having trouble with things related to svchost.exe & outgoing communications. Is this a "new" virus? Is everybody getting it from the same place, or is it just a big coincidence that so many people are getting it?

Also, I'm not sure if this is the right place for it, but I have the issue too. I posted a help topic in the right place, but it's only been viewed a few times & it seems like it's getting buried.


I understand that it might take time to get a reply. I just need help with this & I'm afraid the topic is going unnoticed.

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Hello Duder1989 and :welcome:

It looks as though you are already getting help in the topic you started in the HJT section of the forums by Maniac. At times it can take a little bit for someone to reply due to the fact that they get busy there from time to time.

That being said, the use of svchost.exe by the folks that make malware is quite common. They use this service and or name to try and hide so that the average person does not realize they are infected.

You have taken the correct steps by posting in the HJT section to get all cleaned up. Stick with Maniac and you will get your computer back to working order.

Thanks :)

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I was just making sure my topic wasn't getting buried in a lot of similar problems :) I appreciate the help, of course.

I figured it would be a common thing for malware to do, I just didn't realise HOW common until I saw just how many people were noting the same problems with svchost.exe.

Thanks for the info ;)

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