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What is this?


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And also, in your link they called it wecarereminder while mines just came up as ASPCA TriMini Reminder by We-Care.com in the control panel where i can uninstall things.

Sorry if I sound paranoid but these few days I have been dealing with some things and a virus is the last thing I want to deal with.

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It could have come from a number of sources including being bundled with legitimate freeware programs. Many free applications are financially supported by the inclusion of 'adware' which is usually, though not always optional (via opting in or out).

Here's another link that may help

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Yesterday, Verizon changed my internet from DSL to Fios, and this morning the we-care thing was on my computer, along with MyPC free back up. I'm uninstalling them.


Hello and welcome, Air1Fan. :)


As this topic is nearly 1 year old, I'm not sure the OP is still monitoring it.


Thanks, nevertheless, for the helpful information!





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