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Firefox fights back, holds on to second place in world browser share


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Firefox fights back, holds on to second place in world browser share

Chrome stays third, nearly a point behind the Mozilla browser.

by Peter Bright - Jul 2, 2012 8:55 pm UTC

Last month, it looked like Firefox's relinquishing of the second place browser spot was inevitable. In May, Mozilla's browser market share had dropped below 20 percent. It was just 0.14 points ahead of Google's Chrome.

But Firefox has somehow fought back. Chrome's share is down, Firefox's is up, and there's almost a point separating the two.

NOTE: Unable to post complete article due to number of images - MBAM editor barfed.. :P

To read complete article with market share/information as intended please go to source link below:

SOURCE: http://arstechnica.c...-browser-shares



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That's good to see. Firefox has been my go-to browser for years now. It seems pretty quick, I like the layout & look and I've got plenty of useful add-ons. I've only used IE once in the past 5-6 years, and that's only because I had to install it for the ESET virus scan...

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Is Safari that high from drive-by add-ons :lol:

Wouldn't surprise me! Everytime my brother updates his iTunes he forgets to uncheck Safari so I'm always uninstalling it...

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