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4th of July Summer Mega Movie Contest

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How are you spending your 4th of July? The Malwarebytes team is very excited for the holiday and want to kick off our summer by seeing some awesome summer blockbusters like Spiderman, Brave, and Ted! We are offering two users with the best or most creative 4th of July plans-a FREE Movie Gift Card of a $50 dollar value (non-US residents will receive a gift card with a value of $50).

Just let us know your 4th of July plans in the comment section of this thread, and your story could be chosen to win!

We will be picking TWO winners, judging will be based on activities planned for your special 4th of July celebrations! All comments must be posted no later than Friday July 6th 12:00AM PST. Winners will be contacted via forum PM on Monday 7/9.

*If you live outside of the US you can still participate too! All you need to do is tell us how you'll be spending Wednesday, the 4th!

Good luck!

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Guest Seagull

I am going to spend the 4th of July with my family and my girlfriend at my house. We are going to have a cook out, we are grilling up some steaks and corn on the cob, and then

come nighttime we are going to be setting off some fireworks, my niece is most excited about that and can't wait.

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I got home from work at 3.15am, my mobile rang, I was informed mum had passed away in hospital just after 3am.

She went into hospital the day before suffering from an infection, unknown resulting in pneumonia, she was 92 and tired of life, she was partially deaf partially blind still lived alone looked after herself a very proud independent woman and I miss her so much....

I went to the hospital sat next to her for a while, said goodbye, love you, took a lock of hair for my 14 year old daughter, her granddaughter.

My mum lost her husband, a daughter and a son long before their time, she outlived them which broke her heart. She was tired of her long hard life, she told me she had lived too long, I, in a way am glad her suffering is over but selfishly miss her so very much.

I hurt way down deep, the pain of heartbreak only felt in the presence and loss of true love. The loss of someone who truly loves you - no matter what.

The kind of love only Mothers have.

I am not religious so I am sorry for that....

I miss you mum.... x

I am going to my mums funeral 2pm 4th July 2012....

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I just spent my first few hours of July 4th looting a military encampment in DayZ while several snipers with .50 cal rifles covered me from a ridge littered in trees (probably would have made for a good YouTube video had it not been for the disorganized conversation on TeamSpeak). I now intend on sleeping until at least noon, and then spending most of the rest of my day working.

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My wife and I will be spending the day at home watching tv, she will sitting in her comfy rocker/lounge chair and I will be taking bat naps all day long. It sounds boring But, we had to ride out one of the worst storms (7/1/12) at the Jersey Shore.

From Cape May to Atlantic City and surrounding Atlantic City countys, big rain, big thunder/lighting and big winds (70+ mph) Oh my and the power went off at 4:15 Sat. morning. We had to scamble for a hotel room due to its the Fourth of July week, we found one and the price was'nt bad, we need the AC 24/7.

The damage was bad, the trees went Snap, Crackle and Pop downing major lines and the what not. The power was off for three days and we're now in 7 days of 90 + heat. Yikes.

The best part of this adventure is what Dorothy thought:


“Tap your heels together three times and think to yourself: There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home!” – Gilda, The Good Witch of The North
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Spent the morning (0600-1400) keeping the citizens safe from themselves and their neighbors. Then came home, cooked up a nice ribeye steak dinner before crawling into bed to call it a night so I can go jump back into the fray and fight the good fight again tomorrow! :ph34r:

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The winners have been chosen! Congratulations to Seagull and Tarun! Please be on the lookout for a message on behalf of the whole Malwarebytes team!

ps-Seagull: Your privacy settings have direct PMs turned off. Please enable messaging or send me a PM so I can send you details on how to receive your prize!

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