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Problem updating the database in Malwarebytes Free edition

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I have installed V free edition on two PCs (with Vista 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit OS). In both cases, after initial installation, the program successfully downloaded the latest database (V2012.04.24.03). Ever since this initial install and update process, the "Check for updates" box has been greyed out in the "Update" tab of program, making it impossible for me to manually update the malware database on either PC.

What do I need to do to be able to activate the manual updates functionality?

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Hello and :welcome:

Are you trying to update while logged into windows in a limited account? Malwarebytes needs admin rights to be able to update. Try right clicking on the Malwarebytes Icon and select Run As Administrator and then see if it will let you updated.

Let us know if this works for you.

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Hello Firefox,

Thanks for your reply and helpful advice on what to do.

Yes I was trying to update as a normal user, and until you educated me I had no idea you had to run with administrator rights. I confirm your instructions worked great, I am now updated and very happy to now be able to keep my signature database updated. Thanks again for your help and quick reply to my post.

Personally it seems a bit illogical for the software not to be configured to allow a normal user the right to update the malware signature database, as this is a constructive and regular task that normal users would want to do, and surely it presents no risk of harm to the PC or other users?

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Glad to hear that worked for you. A normal users does not have the right to write files in the locations where Malwarebytes stores its rules files. Many programs operate this was as well, this is to prevent users and malware from changing their settings.

The Pro Version (should you decide to upgrade) will allow you to schedule automatic updates as well as automatic scans, and then it would not matter who is logged in, the updates would happen on their own in the background. The Pro version also has an excellent web blocking feature that helps you to stay clean on not get infected in the first place.

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