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MBAM rootkit?

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I just did a manual scan with SuperAntispyware (free). After the scan I had to restart, which I did. A couple of minutes after restart I was in my Windows Mail account and Avast gave a pop up advising that it detected a rootkit called SVC: MBAM Rootkit. It advised "deleting now" which I did. Avast suggested that I select to set up a scan for rootkit on restart but I selected no to that, deciding to bring this to the attention of the MBAM forum first.

I have been running Avast IS 7 and Malwarebytes Pro for a while now and no problems.

I have attached screenshot.


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Avast is supposed to update itself, but apparently it had not done so yet because I just manually selected to update the program, which was performed, and then did a restart.

Please keep in mind that I was not scanning with Avast when this warning popped up. I had done a scan with SuperAntispyware and the warning popped up after I restarted. There was no pop up after this restart. I am running Vista SP2. I have a feeling that this was some little glitch with Avast.

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Yes I think it is too and was simply a real time protection mechanism that kicked in. If you've rebooted and checked to make sure all your security software is now up to date and working properly I'd scan with each one to make sure there are no ongoing issues and if so let us know.


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Hi all, can You help with this. I had the same I think. The comp was playing up so I done a scan with avast. nothing there. site still didn't play well, So I done a boot-time scan. took a while, but nothing come up. So I thought try malwarebytes. I clicked it to up-date, it said I need a new version. I thought I seen , not sure now it might have had 1400 in the old one. anyway, I was going to do a clean install. delete from add/remove progs. run atf re-boot. but soon as I deleted malawarebytes. avast pop up said same as above

"file name NAN/rootkit"

"SVC:mbam rootkit" It ddidn't have the quotes.

any ideas please. thaks In advance :huh:

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