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Suspend, standby, resume tomorrow?

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Hi, GinnyXP: :)

Not entirely sure, but.............

........there's really no need to run a full scan.

Quick scans are typically more than sufficient, as they cover all the areas where malware may lurk.

See this recent post by forum mod, Exile360:


we always recommend the Quick Scan over the Full Scan as it is quite comprehensive and is designed to look in every location where infections are known to hide.

Full scans are really only needed in special circumstances.



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Yes that sould work just fine.

You must be performing a full scan. Normally a Quick Scan is all that is needed to find any malware that may be on your computer if any. Full Scans do not need to be done all the time.

Quick Scan versus Full Scan

Hello USER, and welcome to the forums here at Malwarebytes.org :)

Basically, a quick scan searches in all areas that malware likes to hide. Also, if you run a full scan, some malware has a chance to change itself, so the longer the scan, the longer the malware (if you have this type of malware) has to change.

A full scan will scan everything, and the only thing that a full scan will find that a quick scan will not are already-dead traces of infections that are gone already and items in the system restore area. Items in the system restore area cannot harm your machine unless you use an infected restore point.

Any more questions, feel free to post!

Thanks :)

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Wow, that was quick! Thanks for the thought-out replies, guys!

Yes, that is a full scan. But I had ran a quick scan before and it had come up empty, so it should be okay.

Good to know that full scans aren't necessary. I won't bother next time!

Anyway, I am off to bed! Thanks a lot! :)

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