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windows update agent.?

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The last windows update i received was on the 19/6/2012 and it was a windows update agent.

My question is how often am i to receive updates and could somebody explain what exactly the windows update agent is please,?

Regards. :blink:

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Hello Arnold72,

The windows update agent controls form the heart of the "windows update" applet, used in Windows' automatic updates & in the "online" Windows Update process.

Those were recently updated and distributed in a "out-of-band" update {a non-monthly cycle}. Which you got and that is good & well.

These are not frequently changed.

The standard MS cycle for scheduled updates is the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

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My question is how often am i to receive updates

Hi, Arnold72:

EDIT: OOPS! NEVER MIND. Seems MauriceNaggar read my mind, appeared, and posted before I could. :D :D

Until one of the true MS gurus (such as MauriceNaggar) arrives, this is an excellent article written by one of the forum mods at one of the prominent Windows fora (www.sevenforums.com):


Explains it better than I could. ;)

Also here: http://en.wikipedia..../Windows_Update & countless other articles and tutorials on the web.

Most Windows patches will be released on the 2nd Tuesday of every month -- "Patch Tuesday".

Occasionally, very critical security or other patches will be released on other days -- "Out of Band".

TMALSS, Windows Updates can be configured to run completely silently (except for the reboot that may be required after certain patches -- this is OK for non-hands-on users, but can sometimes be inconvenient), to notify the user that updates are available (allowing the user some control over the timing of installation -- this is the option many of us use), or to never even check for updates (DANGEROUS!!).

and could somebody explain what exactly the windows update agent is please,?

And here's one for Windows Update Agent (IIRC it's the part of Windows that phones home when doing Windows Updates -- so the recent update you (we all) received for it was an update for the updater. Apparently, this most recent update was to enhance the security of the Windows Update process.)




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