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Detailed Scan freezes or Windows crash dumps during detailed scan!

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I am an admirer of Malwarebytes as it always rescued my PC from threats but since last 2 days my computer and specially browsing has slowed down.

I have Avst antivirus along with Malware Byte and I performed quick scan to see what comes up and both turned up OK, but detailed scan freezes and boot time scan also hangs from Avast ..later Malwarebyte corrupted which I recovered by Chameleon but Malwarebytes again fails to completely run detailed scan as it freezes after an hour.

I tried to run windows security scan/MSE but it too freezes and crash dumps in detailed scan after running over an hour.. I am wondering what to do??

I will be thankful for your rescue tips!!

Best Regards

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Hello and welcome, faral:

Until an MBAM staffer or more expert member arrives, here are a couple of thoughts:

1) Normally, a QUICK scan is all that is needed. Full scans are typically only needed in special circumstances. That said, MBAM should not freeze during a scan.

2) Do you have the reciprocal exclusions set between MBAM and Avast! ? If not, there are instructions how to do that in the FAQ - Section K >>HERE<<.

3) Also please refer to the FAQ - Section L >>HERE<< for a tutorial to address freezes/crashes during scans.

4) Also it sounds as if you have more than 1 Anti-Virus installed (Avast! and MSE)??? If so, that could certainly be causing a problem. Running more than one Anti-Virus (especially in real-time) actually renders your system LESS secure, not more so, and it causes conflicts, freezes and other issues. It would be best to uninstall extra anti-virus programs and only keep one. (NOTE: MBAM is NOT an anti-virus. MBAM should run just fine alongside any one of the major anti-virus programs.)

5) BSOD are often the result of hardware/driver issues.

Please let us know if these resolve your issue.

If not, and/or if you think you might be infected, please let us know, so that we can provide further guidance.



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