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If full scan finds nothing, can I do a chameleon fix?

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Hi, again, joanne40: :)

EDIT: OOPS! Looks as if DSK beat me to the punch! :) Great minds think alike, though. ;)

Sorry to hear you think you're infected.

Some of the malware circulating these days requires other tools, in addition to MBAM (even chameleon), for complete removal.

So, even if a full MBAM scan comes up clean, it's possible there are still some remnants of infection on the system.

OTOH some computer problems are not necessarily the result of malware.

Until one of the MBAM staffers comes along who can look up your help desk ticket...

... the best bet would probably be to wait for support from the help desk, instead of simultaneously trying to work on completing the cleanup yourself. Some of the malware removal tools are quite powerful and should be run only with the assistance of an expert.

(Besides, we cannot work on malware removal issues here in this particular sub-section of the forum.)

Since you mentioned that you sent an "email" to support, you might wish to submit your ticket via the web form for the consumer help desk.

This is the preferred method to contact them.

The web form for consumer support can be found >>>HERE<<<.

(I assume from your post that you prefer this means of obtainining support, instead of the malware removal forum. :) If you do opt for the malware removal forum, though, please read & follow the instructions >>HERE<< before starting a new post over there.)

Both the forum and the help desk can be quite busy -- I'm sure an expert helper will assist you as soon as possible.



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