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Help accessing original user/profile?


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I had a virus hit my vps that kept changing my password, preventing me or my vps admin from logging in to do anything.

My vps admin switched me to a new vps desktop, and added my old vps desktop as drive E so I could try and access my files at least.

I could technically access the old E:user/admin/desktop from my new desktop but the virus had deleted/hid virtually all of my old desktop files

Someone from mwb support kindly guided me thru the process of getting rid of the nasty stuff from that drive (dubrute and some other crap, pretty nasty).

Since the virus was no longer active and therefor could not change my passwords and lock me out anymore, my vps admin put me back directly onto my old vps desktop. I thought all would be well and I could try and run unhide.exe and get my stuff back or find a system restore point and do it that way.

My problem is that he seems unable to get me directly logged in as the original user/profile 'admin' where all my desktop stuff is, and from what I was told, where I need to directly run unhide.exe for it to have any chance for effect. I was setup with multiple user names to get access including a new 'Administrator' but my vps admin is unable to help me further to connect to the original 'admin'

I hope that makes sense as I find it very confusing myself, yet I've done the best I could to post what I'm dealing with in hopes of getting my files back.

Any ideas or if you need further clarification just let me know.


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