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Something changed my vps pass and hid/deleted desktop files

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I remote access a vps to do a lot of work on. Yesterday I tried connecting as usual and it said my password wasnt right. I contacted the vps admin and he said there was a virus changing the password.

He reset the password a couple times but whatever hit me kept changing it to fast to do anything.

So he set me up on a new drive C using the same ip, and added my old desktop as drive E so that I could get my files (at least thats generally how I understood it)

Anyways, I can login to the new setup just fine, yet when I navigate to E:user/admin/desktop to retrieve my files off the other drive the only thing I can find is one folder and inside that folder there are only a couple of random files. I'm missing 5 or so other main folders and 99.9% of the actual files from the one folder that actually shows.

I have tried running unhide.exe and nothing changed. I don't know what else to do or where to look for my files...

I ran microsoft security essentials on drive E and it found something it deemed 'high risk' so it quarantined it and deleted it.

MWB found nothing which I thought was strange.

I think there is one or more bad guys still on that drive..the day before this happened I saw something called dubrute.exe in my task manager running. I hoped that nights full anti v scan would take care of it but apparently not.

I attached the two requested files, though not sure if they provide what is needed due to the switching of the vps drives. I'm not sure how to get the reports made for drive E?

So to recap...I guess drive E is safe from infecting me since its not on the live server I dont know. I really need to find and get those missing old desktop files. I backup regularly to an external hd but had some important changes made just recently that were not saved yet.

Thanks for any help and advice

sorry for the double post, plz delete this one. i could not figure out how to edit a post after i realized i attached a wrong file. didnt want to just make a reply so it wouldnt look like someone was already helping me..sorry and thanks



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