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Hi Malwarebytes team,

Currently, when a person installs MBAM Pro, there is only one scheduled action, a daily update. In the scheduler demo video, the narrator recommends realtime updates, so why is this not the default? Also, scheduled scans are important, so why not have scans scheduled by default, say a daily quick scan and weekend full scan (in th background)? Another thing you could do is walk someone through how to do this when they install the program, because some people may not know that the default settings are not ideal.

Just some friendly suggestions.

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  • Staff

Greetings :)

Thanks for the feedback. We did consider scheduling updates with greater frequency, but we've found that many users had problems with updates that were too frequent due to bandwidth concerns as many have slower internet connections and sometimes data caps from their ISP's as well. That being said, now that we have incremental updates which greatly reduce the size of database updates, we may take another look at this feature and make the default updates more frequent.

As for scans, we didn't want to set a scan due to the amount of resources it uses, so if a user was trying to use their computer and the scanner suddenly popped up because we scheduled the scan to run and they weren't aware of it, that would definitely upset some people.

Also keep in mind that a full scan is basically never needed. Our quick scan (the default scan type) is designed to look at every known location where infections like to install themselves. Whenever we find a new location that threats like to hide, it gets added to the quick scan by our Research team.

I hope that helps to clear things up a bit.

As for showing users how to set up the scheduler, while I don't necessarily think that's a bad idea, I do believe that some users might find it disruptive to have some sort of tutorial popping up automatically after they install our software. The help file is always available and we also have FAQ's and tutorials here on our forums as well as on our Knowledgebase located here on our support helpdesk.

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