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False positive winlogon.exe


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i find a funny thing about Malwarebytes

take the installer of any program ( for example VLC installer ) copy it in your desktop , rename it winlogon.exe.

make a scan with malwarebytes and he finds that's a Reserved.world.exploit ^^

isn't it funny ?

i see that everyday with my tool Pre_Scan renamed winlogon to kill the rogues when i make use MBAM at the end of the disinfection :)



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  • Staff

That is detected like it should be. Reserved word exploit means that nothing should be named winlogon.exe outside of system directory. If you are doing this to get it to run it can be added to the Malwarebytes ignore list.

Malware does this a lot but also power users can do this sometimes to get tools to run outside of a malware blacklist. We have no way of knowing if this is malware or on purpose that is why its detected like this.

How often is your file updated? It may be possible to whitelist it.

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How often is your file updated?

it depends... the more often i updated my tool .... 6 times on a day ( seeing that , you can't use the MD5 to whitelist it)

if it can serve to you :

Version = (changes very often , 6 = month , 19 = day)

LegalCopyright = g3n-h@ckm@n

FileDescription = g3n-h@ckm@n

DefaultLangCodepage = 040C04B0

i don't which repair you can take ....

it's generaly in downloads folder or desktop at the begginning , and after it's on the desktop cause the program makes a copy of himself here at the end on the scan/kill to be scripted at the launch back without having to search it...try it and you'll see

in fact it has 3 names :


Winlogon.exe (you understand why ^^)

Pre_Scan.pif (i think you understand why too :D )


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I've just updated now for an hour

here's the analysys from virus-total


permanent links to download :


i know the Md5 is the same for them three , only the name changes

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ok thank you very much :D


PS : in fact it's not so important but if i need to make use it again after Malwarebytes scan and deletion, the user will have to download it again and it makes manipulations for nothing :)

scripting my tool , there's a lot of possibility of switches (a little bit like Combofix ) and you can do every what you want in the PC.

thx again

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