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Win32 Virut help

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Somehow this virus (and variants) of Win32 Virut busted out on my school campus, on the bright side the "economy saving" virus protection software we have now we most likely be replaced by something that actually works.

Is there anyway to remove this Virut virus and save the .exe files it infects? I am currently scanning with the AVG virut removal tool, however it can't clean infected files and has to delete them then most likely I'll be reloading the OS from scratch.

Many of the infected files are ones that Windows needs to run, and either way I want to clean all the files since this virus opens up a backdoor port to download more virii.

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I'll add my own .02 here.

Reformat the machine. That's the only way to be 100% sure the infection is gone.

I don't know any security researchers who would try to clean this infection on a clients machine if they had their hands on it physically. End users in a forum is another story, but they'll still usually recommend reformatting.

Save your data and insert the install disk. Peace of mind in a couple of hours.

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Surprised though that someone got hit by this if it's really that old, or is it some new variant?
Apparently so, yes.

I ran into one a few months ago with a rogue download, was very surprised to say the least. I may even still have the installer.

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It was a variant of the virut virus, still nasty...pretty much destroyed all the .exe. files. AntiVir wouldn't install but I got AVG to install without issues. It couldn't clean the files so naturally when half of the system .exe files are quarantined it makes it useless. The computer didn't have any anti-virus software on there in the beginning.

I ran AVGs remove virut utility and of course it didn't find anything, but there are a few variants out there so I just reformatted and put AntiVir on it.

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