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Whoever said you can run MBAM Pro with other Antivirus apps?

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Right...I was always contemplating whether or not this is a good idea or a bad idea because even though in the MBAM forums they teach you how to setup exclusions for every antivirus to work well with MBAM Pro....usually the developers of the Antivirus advice you against this...

Anyway, a few days back I created a thread asking if it's ok to run MBAM with another Antivirus specifying that the mods here advised me that Eset Smart Security doesn't like this..... anyway, many users said they are running it and it's ok.....

So I tried it, I setup the exclusions in both apps and it worked fine.....so I thought....

Today I was trying to play a few of my videos that I have on my HDD and I noticed that MPC-HC started stuttering so bad and the audio was jerky as if I was out of RAM or something (mind you, I have 16 GB of DDR3 RAM)... I was so confused...almost about to format my Notebook and start out fresh until I thought....wait a second...let me exit MBAM....and the moment I exited....everything worked smoothly!!!

This conncludes this topic!! Even though they may seem to run fine....sooner or later you'll discover some problem that is unresolvable only to discover MBAM PRo was the culprit.

I have now uninstalled it and will never use it again.... since my system is clean with ESS always updated...Ill just live SAS to run manual scans to get rid of those harmful/tracking cookies....

MBAM has never ever found anything on my system anyway, not saying it's bad...that's because I now the sites I go to and surf smartly...

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Guest Seagull

I am a user of ESET Smart Security 5 and Malwarebytes PRO and never had an issue like this, in fact, just the other day I wanted to see something and I removed the exclusions

for both ESET and Malwarebytes and restarted and I didn't noticed any difference in performance or anything at all, I even ran a few dummy samples and everything was perfect.

My system is working just as good as it did with exclusions. There is a known compatibility issue right now between ESET and Malwarebytes PRO which I believe they are working

on now but, from my understanding, this issue is only occurring on Windows XP SP3.

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