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What is Babylon and should i be concerned?

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Hey all!!!

First off i apologize if this subject has been answered but i really need some advice as i am not the most intelligent when it comes to this subject.

Okay so I've got a pc that's pretty new that i share with my sister and I've noticed there has been NO antivirus or antispyware activated for a while now as we had an AVG antivirus trial but that expired and i guess I've just been oblivious about my online and network security and ignored it.

Now i wake up(thank heavens) because this babylon search "thing"(i don't know what it is) showed up and caused a couple of problems which i did rectify to an extent by doing some brief research and deleting any possible known file locations of this software. But it still shows up under my internet explorer tools-manage Add-ons -Add-on types -search providers. Showing babylon as my default search browser even though it is not anymore and it is disabled. I can not remove this babylon search from my search providers for some reason.

So my question is: is this babylon search any serious threat to our pc and security?

And all we really use our pc network for is Facebook, YouTube, reading blogs and news and downloading music(reputable websites)

So is there any threat or likelihood of any viruses spyware malware affecting our pc and what we do online from the usage as i stated above?

I recently ran combofix but i am not sure if it has done anything or dealt with and removed any harmful threats.

At the end of the session i got a log which to me, looks like a bunch of hieroglyphics.

What is this log supposed to be if anyone could please elaborate??

I do plan on purchasing antivirus software asap. But for now i don't want any major problems to occur and to lose any content,have people stealing information or have the pc crash. I want to prevent this from happening. I have been a fool for not taking my online security seriously!

I apologize for stretching the topic and asking so many questions. I'm new to all of this and quite frankly, after reading up, I am now worried!If anyone could get back to me it would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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is this babylon search any serious threat to our pc and security?

No not really, but if you didn't install it and don't want it.....we can uninstall it.

More info below:


I recently ran combofix but i am not sure if it has done anything or dealt with and removed any harmful threats

Didn't you read the warnings about running ComboFix??

Can you post the log from ComboFix.


------->Logs will be closed if you haven't replied within 3 days!<--------

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