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Automatic Removal of Malware

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All antrivirus programs and other anti-malware programs provide the capabillity to automatically delete.or quarantine the detected malware. Malware Bytes should do likewise! To preclude the posiibility that a file is deleted due to a false positive, the files can quarantined instead,

Thus a new MBAM option should be offered for all scans:

x Automatically remove malware files (check mark)

o Dellete them (radio button)

* Quarantine them (radio button)

Then the user does not have to wait for the scan completion, knowing that the computer will be automatically cleaned if any malware files are detected!

Moreover, a full scan on an infected computer may take a very long time! Thus, the user can leave the computer. Even if malware required a computer restart for removal, it can be automatically scheduled!

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Hi, NewMBANUser: :)

Until one of the MBAM staffers arrives, I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that MBAM can be configured to automatically remove threats via the scheduler?

The attached screenshot shows where.

I'm sure the experts will have a more detailed explanation. :)

EDIT: I ought to have qualified my reply to state that perhaps only MBAM PRO can be configured this way. Only the PRO version includes the scheduler. I'm not sure about MBAM Free, since I only use the PRO version. However, since the Free version offers on-demand scanning only, I would assume that there would be no way to automatically remove malware -- if the scanner requires user interaction, so, too would any malware removal. Sorry for any confusion.




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