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My Desktop computer was infected by malware now my lap[topp

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A scan carried out on my Laptop found two virus issues

1. PC Performer_GG.exe.exe (PUP.Bundleinstaller.IB) &

2. Temporary Internet file\Silverlight.exe (Trojan Agent). Both items were quarantined and removed. McAfee Internet Security did not detect either item.

Please advise

Has item (1) been completely removed ie. no hidden backdoor left?

Item (2) I googled Silverlight.exe for information thereon and received a Yahoo answer: if it is Silverlight.exe it's OK . Microsoft installed it when you got updates. If it is SILVERLIGHT.EXE (all in CAPS) it is malware. I assume that the information by Yahoo is incorrect and that silverlight.exe in lower case is in fact a Trojan. If so has a backdoor been left? Is there any way to chcck for the presence of hidden backdoors?

My desktop computer has been infected with internet security.ink and I have taken it out of service until I get round to reformating its hard disk and reinstalling Windows Vista.

Many thanks


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