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FP - How do I add entries to the Ignore List...?


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I continue to get FPs from two batch files that I wrote. Not during a scan, but from the protection TSR. The batch files reboot / shutdown my system and are tied into two buttons on my desktop. I get a pop-up everytime asking me what I want to do, ... Ignore, Terminate... The system only seems to give you an option to add to the ignore list if it is picked up in a scan, which my two .bat files do not get noticed. Any help on how I can manually add the files the to ignore list for scans and or protection TSR?

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Can you attach those two files here please ? Unless CMD is replaced with a malware version I don't see how a batch file could do this .

This should also not be possible .

The forum won't let me upload the files, so here is the contents / text of the files.


shutdown -r -t 00


shutdown -s -t 00

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Hah! Kaspersky detects Shutdown.bat as well (as a trojan no less) even though it's just a .bat file calling the shutdown.exe command. Perhaps it's because it could potentially be used maliciously to disallow a computer from being booted up. If I modify the time value Kaspersky no longer detects it. It must be because it forces an immediate shutdown. I changed the 00 to 01 and Kaspersky no longer detects it.

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