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Latest JAVA 7, update 5 will not download/install; get error message?

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Good evening everyone!

I have attempted to download/install the latest JAVA 7, update 5 and each time. (The latest version on my machine is Java 7, update 4). The attempted updates appear to start off o.k, but then a dialog box opens on the screen with the message shown in the screenshot attached to this post.

The Help Topics at the Java site don't seem to be of any value at all. Before I resort to uninstalling both Java 6 & Java 7 from the Add/Remove Programs list in the Control Panel...I would appreciate it if anyone more knowledgeable than I am here could advise me on this problem and how I can resolve it. (I'm at my wit's end frankly).

Thank you for your time and any help!



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@EE; I'm beginning to think your computer has a hate-on for Sun/Oracle products between this problem and the Abobe Air update. :P Hope the direct install that Dave gave you the link to works for you. Here's wishing for good luck, my friend.


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(For David): Well, it looks like that link you provided did the trick! The last dialog box indicated Java had been successfully installed!

I really appreciate all your help with resolving the "adversity" my computer seems to have with Sun/Oracle's products (as Steve so aptly described it. It certainly doesn't seem to be very far from the truth either!).

And, get a load of this - - - It also seems my computer has decided to "act-up" when the latest Apple Itunes update just came out as well! Got an error message during the installation process there too! After some corresponding with a knowledgeable member in the Itunes Forum over a period of a few hours...we finally managed to get THAT problem resolved too!

Maybe all this "cantankerous" behavior is because my WIN XP Pro computer here IS growing old...like me...and is just getting resistant to any changes!!??

Thanks very much again, David & Steve! :D

Regards my friends,


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I had similar update problems with V 7 u/date 5, but I thought it was just because I had it turned off for 2 weeks.

When I hit the update, it froze solid and caused several other problems for 2 days (black screen/ non start/ etc)

I finally got it downloaded and today did a chkdsk /r to check problems, and the unit froze again at the end of the check ?

After 1 hour waiting for the restart, I needed to use the Reset button to get the XP to start again -----

This 7/5 update is a bit odd :huh: and similar problems have been reported on other forums also -

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