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Images not visible to me (only)


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Hi folks,

I am tearing out what little hair I have still got, trying to solve an issue revolving around the perhaps obscure Imaging Host located at http://xup.in .

I am a forum webmaster and many of my members use the above as it is free. I can see images that have been posted prior to May 2012 but I cannot see any which were posted after that date.

My PC cannot even find the webpage for xup but I know it exists. It cannot find the members' login either. Used Firefox and Internet Explorer. The whole thing makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

One thing I may have done in the intervening period is upgrade Malwarebytes from free to Pro. I do not think I have changed anything else.

I have

  • Vista 32 bit
  • Malwarebytes Pro
  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Spyware Blaster
  • Comodo Firewall

I have a 'clean' computer.

Can anyone help me with even a glimmer of an idea. It may be a network issue but, again, everything else is working as one would expect.




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Ah ha!

I need to configure the alerts balloon. Did not know that :o !

Thank you for the speedy response, Porthos.

I must admit, while I do not like that site, it has never caused anyone I know any problems.

At least my thought process was on the right tracks :wacko: and I am not a complete idiot.

Thanks again.

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