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wireless encryption question

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so i have my wireless turned on so that i can access the internet on my phone and on my laptop. well anyway the modem restarted today (called isp turns out it was a firmware update) with out warning and when it came back online i logged into the modem and noticed my wireless settings looked weird and i was wondering if someone could explain a few things namely:

what does it mean by saying that the encryption length and default key is none when i have a password on the wireless (wireless is also hidden so its not broadcasting so that people can see it. also of note for some reason it says the encryption type is wpa when its wpa2 personal)


SSID: (removed)

Encryption Type: WPA

Encryption length: none

Encryption Default Key: none

Encryption Pass Phrase: (removed)c

Channel Being Used: 1

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So the modem reset again and the settings for wireless where different also I called my isp again and they said it should be downloading anything (the modem)

Told me their wasn't a firmware update at that time.

Here's the info from wireless section as u can see it changed again


SSID1:  (removed)

Encryption Type:  WPA

Encryption Length:  64 Bits


Cipher Type:  AES

SSID1 MAC:  00:26:F3:2B:2D:81

Channel Being Used:  1

They told me the modem is downloading on its own and shouldn't be

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