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Malwarebytes' Logo missing?

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I just barely reinstalled my computer a week ago, and have downloaded Malwarebytes onto my computer.

Since then, I have uninstalled and reinstalled to check for a super annoying problem I have noticed with my Malwarebytes' logo.

Can someone explain this? I've looked on similiar threads about this same topic, but nobody seems to know how to fix this problem???

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Hello and welcome to MBAM, CuriousMew:

Are you referring to the MBAM desktop shortcut icon's (and/or system tray icon's) reverting to a "generic" icon?

What OS are you running (XP, Vista, 7)?

If so, please refer to THIS KB ARTICLE for a Microsoft Fixit solution for all OS (XP, Vista, 7).

If you are running Vista or 7, you might also wish to check THIS RECENT POST with links to a couple of solutions from sevenforums.com

One or the other of these solutions should resolve your issue.

You mention that you've reinstalled MBAM several times. So, the other thing you might try is a proper, clean reinstall of MBAM, following carefully the steps listed below (including the reboots!):

  • If you are running MBAM PRO, please be sure you have your license ID and key available (sent via email at the time of online purchase, or in the box).
  • Download and run mbam-clean.exe from HERE.
  • It will ask to restart your computer; please allow it to do so - this is very important!
  • After the computer restarts, download the latest version of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from HERE, then temporarily disable your Anti-Virus and run the installer. (Ignore all 'Recommended' or 'Sponsored' software which are prominently displayed on the mirror sites -- they are ads and MBAM does not have any association with them.)
  • If you are using MBAM PRO, you will need to reactivate (register) the program using the license ID & key.
  • Launch the MBAM program and (if you are using MBAM PRO) set the Protection and Registration.
  • Then go to the UPDATE tab (if not done during installation) and check for updates.
  • Restart the computer again and verify that MBAM is in the task tray (if using the PRO version).
  • Now set up any file exclusions, as may be required in your Anti-Virus/Internet-Security/Firewall applications, and restart your Anti-Virus/Internet-Security applications. You may use the guides posted in the FAQs HERE, or ask and we'll explain how to do it.



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Hello daledoc1, good to meet you. Sorry I wasn't as specific, I already hit the 'enter' button.. and I wasn't able to edit. Anyways---

Yes I'm referring to the desktop, startmenu, AND taskbar icons. I'm running paid version of MBAM, and using Windows 7 64bit.

I've tried redirecting the icon back to the program itself, still no luck. I've just barely reinstalled my comp, so there's 0 chance I contracted anything that could have caused a bug. Could it have been the mirror I downloaded this program from? I've read stories about Download.com wrapping programs in spyware and such.. it's exactly where I downloaded this package from, right after I reinstalled :(

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It's a known Windows issue.

Happens from time to time on Win7.

Several threads here about it....

I've seen it once before on my own rig.

Either the MS Fixit linked in the KB article or the tutorials at sevenforums.com (one is a batch file, one is a manual method) should take care of it.

Please post back and let us know if it is resolved and, if so, which method you used.



PS The official mirror sites for downloading MBAM, AFAIK, are:





Bleeping Computer

Beta News

If you use the link I gave you, it will take you to one of those sites. Ignore what are essentially ads for other software/applications on those pages -- MBAM has no control over them.

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I thought Download.com was affiliated w/CNET? download.cnet.com? I downloaded from MajorGeeks a couple years ago and had 0 problems with the Malwarebytes logo, until just recently w/reinstall.

Okay.. um, this might take me about half-an-hour for me to do this right, I'll write back soon and give my results.

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Yes, I think download.com is part of CNET.

Should be fine.

My personal preference is MajorGeeks, but any of the mirror sites should be OK.

I don't think you're infected.

(Having said that, I'm just a home user, so I'm not qualified to make that determination.)

This is a Windows issue -- please refer to the posts in the thread here at MBAM & to the KB article to which I provided a link. :)

Let us know how it goes,


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Hey um.. daledoc1, you still there? I've looked through each of the solutions.. can I ask which one is the least technical, but still just as efficient? I'm not exactly thrilled about going in to edit my registry by myself. With as sophisticated as MBAM seems, I'm surprised they haven't found an easier way to fix their logo. You would think they would want to showcase it.

I hope I'm not infected either! Worst case scenario; I would hope MBAM would have the abilities to clean them up. After reading this year old thread, I kinda feel a little relief, but still anxious: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=93414

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Hi, again:

You ought not to have to manually edit your registry. :)

The MS Fixit tool will do it for you (see attached screenshot) -- this worked for the last member here who tried it in the post to which I provided the link in my earlier reply.

(The manual method to edit the registry is there only for those users who are comfortable doing so.)

Alternatively, if you check the tutorials at sevenforums.com, you'll see that there are likewise 2 methods.

Option One is a batch file that you just download and run.

(There is also a manual method here (Option Two), for users comfortable using it.)

I've used both of these methods successfully on my system, though it's been a while since I've needed it.

As for download.com, the thread to which you've linked is rather old.

Moreover, both of the MBAM staffers who replied in that topic clearly stated that there is no software wrapper with the MBAM installer.

So, to reiterate, I don't expect you're infected, if you downloaded MBAM from a legit mirror site.

As I mentioned, this is a known Windows issue -- that's why MS has a published KB article and fixit tool. :)

I'll be going offline now, but will try to check back in the morning.

I think you have the info you need to resolve your issue.

If you're not comfortable with the suggestions, then please wait for an MBAM staffer or more expert member to weigh in (it's just a cosmetic issue, as I expect the shortcuts still work OK???).

Thanks for your patience,



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I was expecting this fix to be super difficult, but it actually turned out to be easier than mixing a glass of chocolate milk :P

I tried the MS Fixit method found in the KnowledgeBase (KB) article, and while it fixed my logo nicely, it also left me confused?

After opening the .exe, the MBAM logo automatically reappeared --I hadn't even accepted the terms of agreement or run the scan yet? The logo is back, but should i reopen the .exe and have it scan, or am I okay? The MS tool seems pretty useful, might come in handy again someday ;)

As for the CNET mirror, the MBAM website auto-linked me to CNET for the download. I think it's one of their official mirrors, and I don't remember the MBAM installer ever suggesting toolbars or anything of that nature, so unless CNET is deviously packaging their spyware in malicious ways, I would imagine anyone who has downloaded MBAM from CNET is safe. Although, I wish I had more recent information on this.

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I was expecting this fix to be super difficult, but it actually turned out to be easier than mixing a glass of chocolate milk :P


Yes, there's not much to it. ;)

Very glad it's all fixed now.

After opening the .exe, the MBAM logo automatically reappeared --I hadn't even accepted the terms of agreement or run the scan yet? The logo is back, but should i reopen the .exe and have it scan, or am I okay?

If you have just downloaded and installed MBAM from the CNET site, you'll still need to follow the rest of the basic steps for a clean install outlined in my original reply:


with your license ID and key & reboot the computer (if you have not already done so) AND

2) update the databases/definitions (if you have not already done so) AND

3) set the scheduler for your scheduled updates and scans, if you wish (please refer to the FAQ - Section O for help with the scheduler) AND

4) set the exclusions and permissions for MBAM and your Anti-Virus/Firewall, if needed (please refer back to the last step in my "clean install" instructions in my original reply).

Then run a Quick scan. :)

Let us know how it goes,


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