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lsass.exe memory usage higher than normal


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hello ...

in the thread you referenced , it mentions that you were using sql server software at one time .

occasionally , there have been problems like the type you have mentioned .

i had a similar problem on two of my machines ... however ... the apparent/exact causes were different .

there was an update from MS that fixed one machine but the other i had to do some research on .

there are a couple of guys here that are quite knowledgeable about things MS .

hang loose until they read this thread .

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I have discovered that If I disconnect the network cable, lsass memory usage is normal. I assume something on my network is causing this issue.....I have updated the driver for my network card and that hasn't helped. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Is there a tool I can use to monitor incoming requests to this machine? Thanks....

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I solved this! Just wanted to update this post. I discovered that the problem actually was with another app on my network that used to reside on this machine. It's called mediabrowser. The app itself is fine, it's just that I built a dedicated htpc and decided to copy the mediabrowser folder over to the new htpc to preserve my settings. Somewhere in that folder, there is something that has a reference path to the machine that it originated from. Each night, the htpc does a refresh and that's when the lsass memory usage on this pc increased. The app also has a host of plugins available but I removed all of them, one by one, to no avail. The only way I could fix the issue was to do a clean install of mediabrowser on the htpc. After doing that, no more lsass memory usage issue.

Again, I wanted to update the information here as you have been a tremendous help in getting to the bottom of the problem. Thank you.

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