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How can I create such an image which is being used in this screenshot as a signature?

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I am quite surprised that sometimes I notice that there is an image such as the image which is available in this screenshot or or even another one is used as an a signature. So How can I create such this image or another one.

What program does enable me to create such that image which is being used as a signature?

Notice,I am not asking about how to create a signature in Acrobat Reader professional; However, am asking bout how I can create such that inner image which is signed the large one.

Hoping your understand me.

Any comments would be highly appreciated.


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Just about any graphics program including Windows PAINT can create images - much depends on your own creative abilities to create it though.

Thank you so much indeed, do you believe me if I say that I have copied that inner picture which is being used as a signature from someone's and I altered with Paint, and then paste it in this picture of mine. However, my question is what a program can eanble me to creat such that signature. I have been trying with Pain and

photoshop. But I couldn't succeed. Could you please give the name of such a program.

Look at this picture, how can I be creating like it with the Paint .


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If you have PhotoShop then you have one of the best tools already to create it. The hard part is actually learning how to do it and having creative abilities. I'm technical to some degree with graphics but not too creative which makes it very difficult to come up with something new and good on my own.



Just look around the Web (safely) and their are thousands of tutorials on how to do this type of stuff.

Good luck.

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