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The spotlight shines on these 27 software downloads


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The spotlight shines on these 27 software downloads

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As we move through June, there are more and more software titles being released. The past week has been pretty busy, particularly on the web browser front, but there have also been a number of other programs worthy of note.

If you still use physical CDs and DVDs, ISO Workshop 3.0 is worth taking a look at as it enables you to work with virtual drives to save having to keep switching discs. Diskeeper 12 Home is a great tool for anyone looking to ensure that their hard drive is completely defragged, and Diskeeper 12 Pro includes support for drives exceeding 1TB. Another interesting tool for maintaining your system is GhostBuster, a free utility that remove references in the registry to hardware you no longer use. There’s also a portable version available – GhostBuster Portable

Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2 is a free security tool that can be used to detect and remove all manner of malware, with the latest version greatly improving performance and reducing the number of false positives. Backing up your data is important for all manner of reasons, and Auslogics BitReplica provides you with a great way to do just this completely free of charge, while Password Encryption Analyzer Free enables you to quickly locate password-protected files on your computer.

For more entertaining ventures, MP3 Toolkit includes everything that’s needed to rip, edit, tag and convert music files. Looking for a tool to play back your videos? Miro 5.0.1 can be used to view your locally stored media as well as streaming video from your favorite sites and feeds – this is in addition to music playback.

The world of browser development has been incredibly busy, including plugins. For viewing online video and other content, Flash is still widely used, and Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer 11.3 and Adobe Flash Player for Other Browsers 11.3 are essential tools. Also from Adobe comesAdobe Air 3.3 which can be used to run cross platform applications with enhanced performance.

If you like the idea of Firefox, but crave more speed and security, Pale Moon could be the browser for you. Pale Moon 12.2 and Pale Moon x64 12.2 both include improved privacy options as well as smooth scrolling enhancements -- two portable versions are also available in the form of Pale Moon 12.2 Portable and Pale Moon x64 12.2 Portable. If you prefer to work with an older version of Firefox, Pale Moon 3.6.32 and Pale Moon Portable 3.6.32 offer even more impressive performance.

Another Firefox-based browser is Waterfox, and Waterfox 13.0 is updated to include the features of the very latest version in a browser that is optimized for 64-bit systems. There have also been a number of updates to the main Firefox product. Mozilla Firefox ESR 10.0.5 is a version of the browser that offers excellent stability, albeit at the expense of features, and there is also a portable version available -- Mozilla Firefox ESR Portable 10.0.5. Firefox 13 FINAL is the most recent stable release of Mozilla’s browser, which now includes smooth scrolling by default, a redesigned New Tab and Home pages, and various other enhancements. Firefox 14 Beta 6 boasts support for Windows 8’s Metro interface and new download manager, while Firefox Aurora 15.0a2 has now hit the Dev channel. Rounding off the releases from Mozilla, and this week’s roundup, are Firefox Nightly 16.0a1 (32-bit) and Firefox Nightly 16.0a1 (64-bit) which is great for anyone who wants to be on the absolute bleeding edge of browser technology.

There’ll be another round up at the same time next week. In the meantime, don’t forget to keep your eye on Downloadcrew for the latest releases as they happen.

SOURCE: http://betanews.com/...tware-downloads


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Hahaha :P

Just so you know, we did update to the newest and no roll backs :)

Pale moon sounds nice though. I'm rarely on the computer for any length of time lately though so when I do try it I'll let you know how I like it :)

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