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How to Rewrite on a DVD-R and a CD-R Without any Burning Software

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I have read a topic in "How do you rewrite a DVD-r?


I didn't realise that there is a significant benefit of reformatting CDs-R/DVDs-R to be rewritable

Because I have reformatted CD-R/DVD-R with Windows 7 to became rewritable . It was successfully; however, I am afraid to say that I didn't notice any significant benefits. I was expecting that when I convert a unrewritable CD-R/DVD-R into rewritten,(How to Rewrite on a DVD-R and a CD-R Without any Burning Software), I will be able to burn any files, such as ISO files and so on on this CD-R/DVD-R, which has been reformatted during these steps, with any burning software.Then, When I want to burn other files, such as ISO files on the same CD-R/DVD-R, I will just delete the last files, and then I will burn the new files. However, the reverse has been happened. When I have tried burning an ISO file on this CD/DVD, I have noticed that burning software notifies me that this CD/DVD is not empty.

It was right that I have become able to delete, move and copy to this CD-R/DVD-R like I deal with USB flash drives. However, this doesn't matter at all. If I want to do these features, I would prefer to use USB flash drives instead of these CDs-R/DVDs-R which have been reformatted as UDF file system by Windows 7 Operating System. Because there are three main advantages to using USB flash drives. Firstly, USB flash drives usually have a capacity which is much bigger than CDs-R's/DVD, especially CDs-R's -[uSB flash drives have usually a much more capacity than CDs-R'/DVDs-R', especially CD-R ]. Secondly, They are flexible and easy to move. Finally, They are more safety and keeping for data. Finally, USB's are quick to copy/paste from or to them.

On the other hand, there are significant problems with use of the CD's. In the first place, using CD's can cause in losing data after a long period of time, for instance, if you have copied data on a CD, and then CD has been scratched. So the data could be lost. In additions, the copy and paste to and form CDs is more slowly than USB flash drives. Lastly, CDs and even DVDs need a driver to be readable.

Could anyone tell me what is the fundamental benefit from this, please?

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