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REPUTABLE pc game download sites...any recommendations?


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Good evening,

I wanted to inquire if there are ANY reputable sites where a person can find pc games for download (paid or free)? To clarify...by reputable...I mean sites which are generally considered to not have a major problem with malware issues, such as,viruses, trojans, and other "nasties" accompanying their game downloads.

It seems many of the game sites I check via the hosts-file.net site are flagged as being well-known for being malware-infested.

Thank you for your time and any suggestions!

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Hi Eagleeye,

There are plenty of good, safe places to purchase and download video games online. One of my favorites is Steam, which is a third party digital distribution platform for video games. You can't find every game through Steam, but definitely a good majority of them, both free and paid. One of the pluses of Steam is that all of your games are tied to your account. So if you ever get a new computer, you can install all of your previously purchased games from their servers without having to keep track of a bunch of CDs. Just make sure you remember your Steam ID and keep it safe! The downside is that it's an online service. I believe it's possible to play your offline games without an internet connection through Steam, but it requires a bit of tweaking in the settings menu. Here's a list from Wikipedia of every game available on Steam: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Steam_games

I believe GameStop also has their own digital distribution website for video games, but I have never used it myself. EA now has their own content delivery software as well called Origin. Last time I checked it was still in beta development. So if you want to download EA games, expect to go through Origin. Usually if I want a game that isn't available on Steam, I'll just order it off Amazon.com and have it delivered to me.

Hope this helped! Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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I'll second the Steam suggestion. At first I didn't like the idea of Steam, but the convenience of being able to quickly pay for and install games directly from the Steam Store changed my mind. Steam sells games in almost every genera, and they have plenty of free titles (such as Valve Software's Team Fortress 2). The down side is that Steam is also a service that runs on your computer to deliver and manage the games, which means that it does function as a form of DRM, however it allows you to install a game on as many computers as you want and you can play any game that is registered to your Steam account so it isn't horrible like most forms of DRM.

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Thanks very much for your respective replies/information, Michael & GT500!

The few games I do have presently are the rather simple variety, such as, Star Defender II, III, & 4; Chessmaster Challenge, Battleship...you get the idea. (At my age & condition...simple games where just the mouse is needed to control the game functions...seem to be best for me). I'll check out that EA site.

One other question: Do you happen to know if that major security breach that occurred a while back with Steam's database has been taken care of?

Thanks again for the info!

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Steam sells games from PopCap. They have a category that they call Casual where you can find a lot of the less action-oriented games, and they also have an Indie category where you can find games not created or published by one of the major game developers/publishers (except for Minecraft, since it isn't Steam-compatible).

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I could be wrong on this, but I thought that the only games that Google Play has available are for mobile devices. Eagleeye was inquiring specifically about PC games. But yes, Google Play is relatively safe. While it's possible for malicious apps to appear there, Google has many different methods to ensure that they are removed when it happens. For more info, see: http://support.googl...&answer=1368854

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Arc games.
I think neverwinter is the best arc offer and yes you can buy things but it is 100% free there is nothing you can't get with a little work. 

It's a free colonization type game I think it is open source to so your able to mod the code.



Loads of free and paid games on steam.
http://store.steampowered.com/genre/Free to Play/?tab=MostPlayed

loads of paid games here

I find also if you join game engine sites you get to play a few home made games people have made always interesting and mostly free.

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GoG.com is a good site for legit/legal (and DRM-free!) games.  Once you purchase a game there, you own it.  No DRM, no worry about a game being pulled/killed off by the publishers etc. and no worry about online activation issues or DRM software (i.e. rootkits) that hurt your system/game performance (and may pose security risks in some cases).

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