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A problem with downloading torrent files.

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Hi anyone,

I am writing to inquire about why torrent files don't progress with me at all what it the reason. I have tried downloading a torrent file then I have been opening since yesterday it with µTorrent. However, I didn't notice any progress. Although all the other persons who download the same file finished downloading

I had to click 'force downloading' but that didn't make any differnce.


Any comments would be highly appreciated

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. Are you able to access these IP addresses using a torrent client from another computer there?

I would like to say that I access to Internet via a Local Area Network which is monitored by a proxy server. In other words, I live in a campus where there is a local Area Network which has a proxy server with address and authentication. I have the address of that proxy sever along with its authentications(username and password). Thus, I you fairly sure that a proxy server blocks the downloading of the torrent files and my evidence is that when I have tried downloading any torrent files from a site which is a local address, I could download the torrent files, especially when I firstly have checked the option ' Bypass proxy server for local addresses/sites" and then clicked the 'advance settings' button for a proxy server inside the settings of LAN in my internet options. After that, I have entered the local sites in the box which is below the option 'Exception: Do not use proxy server for local sites addresses' inside the setting of proxy server .


But this didn't solve my problem I need a solution to my problem. How can I let the proxy server allow to the torrent files to be downloaded from global sites. Maybe you will be saying to me that I will have to contact the administrator of my network. I would like to say that this will be taking a long period of time until he responses. I think these sites aren't prohibited or fraudulent. Thus, Are there not other solutions?

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Perhaps you can contact the campus you are connected to and let them know why you can not download copyrighted content using torrent programs like the one your using, files such as Hassan wa Morcus DVDRip (2008) and All You Need Is English. The campus is most likely blocking torrent traffic cause folks use it to download copyrighted content and do not want to be held liable for your downloads.

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Yes, you are quite right about that the administrator of my network should not have restricted all the sites in which there are torrent files. But I really don't know why the administrator of my network has been restricting such sites. And you are right when you said I will have to contact the administrator of my network, but this will be taking a long period of time till he responds. Do I have to await his response for such a long period of time gentlemen? Are there not other solutions to be applied in the settings of the proxy server which I have been using. As long as I have added the local sites and let them excluded from the monitor of the proxy server, I think there are some steps to be applied in the settings of the proxy server in order to let some copyrighted global sites at least to be excluded from the monitor of the proxy server. :unsure:

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@ cooperator :

i may be wrong here , apologies in advance if so , but this is what it looks like you are doing :

i think you are missing the main idea behind what firefox wrote .

if you are visiting a torrent site that "hosts" (or is connected in some way) ...


if you are downloading copyrighted material/programs such as : Hassan wa Morcus DVDRip (2008) and All You Need Is English , as firefox mentioned ...


if any of the programs you have downloaded require registration/payment for license , "cracked" or "not cracked" , use a "key generator" or

any other "device" to thwart (get around) the registration/license fees ...

then you are "stealing" or "pirating" software .

what i don't quite understand is why you would want to ask the system administrator why you cannot download "illegal" software .

this would be like a thief walking up to a policeman and complaining that he can't break into certain houses .

also , my observations/thoughts only here ...

i believe that this site/forum (et al) has a policy against helping someone to download illegal files or knowingly being party to/of it .

(perhaps someone here with more experience/authority can help out on this part)

note that in the malware removal section if there are any hacked/cracked programs (etc) in the list of files of a computer the work stops and the person is requested to remove such programs/files .

the person is also made aware of why the work will stop at that point .

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Oh, you have misunderstood me dear CWB, I wouldn't want to get illegal programs. On the contrary, all the programs which are being available in the list of torrent program whose screenshot is above are legal program as you see. However, I have bothered from the administrator of my network because he let proxy server monitors all the sites

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