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Windows update issue due to missing Windows Installer service--following use of System Mechanic

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Now I have another problem. Not sure if your able to help. I need help with this also, windows will not update 7 important updatesThere are the .net and the Security Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB2690729)

Download size: 6.0 MB

Update type: Important

Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 on Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, and Server 2008 for x64 (KB2604111)

Download size: 1.0 MB

Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB2604121)

Download size: 38.5 MB

Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 on XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 for x64 (KB2656405)

Download size: 11.7 MB

Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2596672)

Download size: 997 KB

Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2596880)

Download size: 2.0 MB

Security Update for Microsoft Office 2007 suites (KB2597162)

Download size: 7.4 MB

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Hello Nancy,

Q: Had the May 8 previously been successfully updated?

By any way, have you perhaps made use of any registry cleaners? (any registry cleaner, be it CCleaner, Uniblue, or Iolo System Mechanic or any other)

It's important to have the exception error code that your are getting for the failed updates.

Go to Windows Update. Do no scan, but instead click on the View Update History on left side, and drill down and for each failure, get for me the "exception code".

That way I can narrow down the areas to address.

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Yes indeed was successfull on may 8. Now yes last month i installed System Mechanic pc was a little slow, So I thought it would help to clean out some junk that would be slowing down my pc. Now that I think about it I did a REGISTRY CLEANING. And it seens ever since I have not been able able to update Windows! Did I screw my pc up by doing this ?????? I went through all of the failed and the two different codes I get are for the office updated code is 80070641 and the .Net updates codes are 641 and the Silverlight is code 641. Thank you so very much for your time .

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The use of System Mechanic to do registry cleaning is known to be aver-aggresive & does delete a critical registry entry for the Windows Installer service.

That is confirmed by your having exception code 641 when doing Windows Updates.

Many of the Windows Updates rely on the Windows Installer service, and given that the service is "not running" due to the registry deletion, one gets the failure.

1) STOP using System Mechanic

2) Contact Iolo tech support to see if they have a final-permanent fix

3) I would long-term suggest you do not need any sort of "registry cleaner". They can & often do more harm than good.

4) Read this short article: ---> Here is Ed Bott's take on registry cleaners Ed Bott's Webog: Why I don't use registry cleaners

Advise me which version you have of Windows: VISTA, Windows 7, or XP ??

From there, I'll guide you to getting the registry fix for the installer & getting the update items.

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My oversight. :( You have Vista

Download and SAVE to your system (to the Desktop or a unique folder) the following registry-fix file


Do a RIGHT-Click on it and select MERGE

Allow each to merge into the registry.

If prompted by UAC User Account Control, allow to proceed.

IF and only if, the Merge option is not available, then do this:

Start REGEDIT. Then select File Import. When prompted for filename, navigate to & select

msiserver.reg and tap Enter. Allow it to merge. When done Close Regedit.

Advise me when that is completed.

Then start MBAM. Do an Update check for updates. Do a Quick scan. Then copy & paste the new scan log

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Just got off the phone with tech support . And they are aware of this big problem and the software developer is working on this issue. And Bunch of IoIo System Mechanic users are having the same problem . told the guy what a joke this was this program messed up my system. Ok I will do what you asked . just wanted to tell you what happened. yes Vista 64bit

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ok did what you said right clicked merge and nothing merged note pad opened and this is what it said

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


















































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OK, you need to really slow down. Let's take one thing at a time, and when you make a post, then wait for my reply.

I do not suggest you retry Windows Update yet ---- not yet. Let's first make sure we are ready beforehand.

Close Notepad. Locate the msiserver.reg file or rather, keep in mind where it is.

press Start, type in REGEDIT

Do a File Import

and navigate it to the location of that reg file.

Then make sure you Merge it

Once completed, close REGEDIT

Advise when that is done.

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On the main menu of Regedit, do ALT-key press, and select File

then select IMPORT

it will bring up a dialog (somewhat similar to a File Open in Word, or another application)

Use the left-hand column to "locate" the folder where you saved the msiserver file

If you see it, double click it to it is filled in (selected) in the File name box and click on Open button

Once there, follow the prompts and let it MERGE

IF and only if you do not "see" it in the dialog, you fill have to type in the folder location+msiserver.reg

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Bravo, Nancy. The outline of steps is basically to empty out the queue of pending updates on "your local system", then do a "selective" set of updates

1st round, only take the Office Word updates {and much later, to accept/take the remainder}.

IF and only IF there's an update failure, I'll need the log stuff (as I list down below)

IF you have a question, stop and ask me.

FIRST, if this is a notebook/laptop then be sure to have it connected (plugged in) to wall-electric-AC outlet -or- a UPS system.

{you'd be surprised that this is sometimes a obscure source of failure on -some- updates}

Let's flush the download folder & then do a measured retry.

Start Orb {or press Windows-key} >> type in cmd

You will then see a User Account Control prompt asking if you would like to allow the Command Prompt to be able to make changes on your computer. Click on the Yes button and you will now be at the Elevated Command Prompt.

type in

net stop wuauserv <Enter-key>

Go to Windows Explorer.

Look on your system drive (usually C ) and look at the Windows folder name. Like Windows or WINNT.

Modify following as appropriate.

If your Windows folder is C:\Windows. Look at this folder

C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download <<---- this sub-folder

If you find files or sub-folders in there, delete them. That folder is where files are stored from prior Windows Update downloads.

Go back to Command prompt window.

type in

net start wuauserv <Enter-key>

EXIT <Enter-key>

Logoff & Reboot the system for a fresh Windows start.

then run a manual check for updates at Windows Update, by doing a CUSTOM scan selection.

When you reach Windows Update, do a Custom scan for updates.

Do a Review of what is offered. In the 1st pass only take the OFFICE/ or Word updates !

Take (accept) the ones marked Critical or Important.

Decline any that are marked as "optional".

If there are Net Framework or Silverlight updates offered, un-select them & take the others (do any Net Framework or Silverlight updates in separate runs).

Have infinite patience while it scans and does it's work.

When it prompts you to Restart Windows, please do that. Allow it to restart.

IF and only IF there is another failure, then Let's have you use NOTEPAD & do some research in the Windows Update log (using Notepad)

usually at C:\Windows\Windowsupdate.log or C:\WINNT\Windowsupdate.log

Copy and Paste here the last 60 lines out of that log, for review.

Go to near end of the log for latest entries and look for error notations.

You can use CTRL+END keyboard keys to get to the end of the file. Then get the last 60 lines & copy & paste here, in reply

See Microsoft KnowledgeBase article

KB 902093 How to read the Windowsupdate.log file


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hi i entered the cmd from windows start menu. and did not get a user control prompt asking if you would like to allow the Command Prompt to be able to make changes on your computer. the command prompt just popped up. Starting with C:\Users\trustnoone2> . Is this where i need to type net stop wuauserv .

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I dont want to appear rude but wouldnt a system restore have solved this problem.?

If its merely a deletion of a registry key then a restore would have been easier.

Many thanks. :huh:

NO, you run a good chance of loosing new stuff recently on the system - stuff not covered by a restore.
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Ok, it said Access denied

Hello Nancy:

Have patience and please only follow my guidance.

Give this a try to get to a Command window

Start >> type in cmd

highlight the mouse pointer over cmd.exe in the list

press the Ctrl+Shift+Enter keyboard combination and cmd.exe will be launched as if you selected Run as Administrator. You will then see a User Account Control prompt asking if you would like to allow the Command Prompt to be able to make changes on your computer. Click on the Yes button and you will now be at the Elevated Command Prompt.

If succeed, do the rest of my previous items.

Edited by Maurice Naggar
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Hi again there are a bunch of folders and files delete them all right in the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download.

YES in the \Download folder delete 'em

Then confirm

and do what I had suggested before, with the separate runs to Windows Update using Custom scan

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Hi Maurice, You rock!!! I am current on updates on reboot . Checked as asked for updates, and the ONCE failed ones are current.. Thanks for you patience. I am a bit slow with the tech side of PC. If I have any more problems I will inform you. Thanks again Nancy....

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:D Most excellent slap.gifwave.gif

Very glad to know that you are current with Windows Updates !

and I am most pleased you did not encounter another glitch.

So that only leaves (a gentle reminder) to not use any sort of "registry cleaning".

It is a sad, & dangerous situation to know this deficiency in System Mechanic has been around.

I've been assisting many, many individuals on the MS Answers forum who had very much identical situation as yours.

I do wish you the best.

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Hi Maurice,

My PC is running sluggish and I came here looking for answers and found this thread which matched a concurrent problem I have. I am running Vista 32 bit and have almost exactly the same problems and probably the same culprit - System Mechanic.

I started getting code 641 at about the same time on the 10 May 2012

Failed security updates were for .NET Framework (3 of them)

and Silverlight but after doing some forgoten half baked solutions from elsewhere on the internet it does not come up on the list anymore, not that it was successfully updated.

My question is:

Will your instructions above work for Vista 32 bit too?

Thanks in advance.

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