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Can It Replace Kaspersky?

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Hi everyone,i'm recently using kaspersky internet security.But i guess it slows down my pc a bit.So i want a light av software with good protect capabilities.

I just wonder can mb pro with protection module enabled prevent pc from malicious websites,programs etc?I don't download unknown programs or enter suspicious websites so a decent protection can be enough for me.

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on top of what adrianH said if your antivirus is giving you that much trouble try a different one

i personally recommend Microsoft security essentials its what im using along side malwarebytes anti malware pro. they both work wonderfully together and they nice and light on system resources

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Mb is an antimalware its ment to catch stuff the antivirus doesn't or won't look for. If ur not using the pro verson of mb it won't effect start up and even if ur using pro the program is fast to start up and so is mse its super fast.

On a side note if your pc is starting up slow it might not nessisarily be your anti virus it could be other programs you have set to start up on start as well.

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Then can someone tell me what does mb do if i should use it with av software.I mean i'm happy with kaspersky's protection.It just slows my pc's start up a bit.Will it make difference if i use mb also?

The following will help explain what is and is not targeted by MBAM and why it is an adjunct anti malware that supplements Kaspersky AV...


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