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A problem with changing microsoft files' format after install and unistalling LibreOffice

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I have a Microsfot Word stater 2010 and I had used it before I have installed LibreOffice. Then I have install LibreOffice Windows. after that, when I opened Microsoft-word files, I noticed that some formts are quite difference, such as tables or pictures. As a result, I have decided to uninatll LibreOffice and return to use my microsoft word stater . Although I have never saved a file with LibreOffice format, but I saved it with 'saving with microsoft format'(AS screenshot shown) when I notice the option, I have noticed when I uninstalled LibreOffice that all files no longer open with Microsoft stater at all.


When I looked for 'LibreOffice' by typing 'LibreOffice' in the search text in start-up list. I have spotted that there are some remains of LibreOffice are still available. However, all of them don't work.


I am expecting that it didn't remove completely.

The last time which I have installed LibreOffice and then unistalled it, I didn't find any problem with format.

Even the icons of Microsoft Word files became as it is being shown in this screenshot:

I would like to say that the files become with this format: docx

[ Is Microsoft Word Stater 2010 not able to open this type of files?]


I have regretted that I installed LibreOffice. What is the solution?

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