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questions about tablets


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So I was thinking of getting of getting a tablets but I don't know anything about them or where to start looking. I did check out the futureshop website but their so many options I just don't know where to start. Any help at all would be greatfully apreciated.

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That Padfone look sweet, I like that fact that you can talk using the Stylus.... At least thats what it looks like in the demo.

Yes, the stylus doubles as a bluetooth headset for the phone when the phone is docked inside the tablet.

of an early product demonstration where the ASUS representative discusses some of the features (including the stylus).

agreed that is awesome but im ona budget

That's understandable. The ASUS Padfone hasn't hit the U.S. market yet, however it might run somewhere around $1,000 for the phone and the tablet, and around $1,100 if you get it with the keyboard dock. Those price estimates are based upon the retail prices in Italy, which I would believe was the first country where it was released on the market. The prices could be quite different in the USA, and I'm not sure if there's been any real explanation as to why the U.S. launch has been delayed so much.

The funny thing is, ASUS has already said that they are working on the Padfone 2, which will be 4G capable (the Padfone in the videos I liked to is only 3G). It almost sounds like the first generation Padfone will not be on the market for very long before it gets replaced.

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That's quite true, although the U.S. dollar is losing value fast enough these days that it has caught up with the Canadian dollar, so the prices might be pretty similar in the U.S. and Canada when it comes out.

wasnt really the price i was more worried about it was more along the lines of availability of certain products for what ever reason

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