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Reseller Assistance Needed

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I work for one of your resellers and I have a sales rep who has been trying to contact your company for quite some time now with no response. It is a rather urgent matter that is making one of our very large customers quite upset. Attempts to contact you via the reseller support email address and the contact person we have in our database have gone unanswered. Hopefully, someone monitoring this forum can contact me so I can get one of your representatives in touch with mine to resolve this issue.

Your quick response is greatly appreciated!

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Interestingly enough we have been trying to get a hold of someone to reply to our emails as well. We have sent two emails in the past two days to reseller@malwarebytes.com and no luck. Recently in the past couple of years we have been noticing a huge amount of companies not providing the level of service that is expected for their products or services.

We just want to know why after signing up as a reseller we are not seeing the discount when making a purchase?

Hopefully someone else can shed light on this.

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