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Intermittent Coming out of Standby Problems

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XP Pro SP3

Dell Inspiron 1500

I am running Malwarebytes Pro and Microsoft Security Essentials on the same machine and having intermittent issues bringing my computer out of Stand By.

If I am running MBAM Pro, will there be a conflict with running MSE on the same machine or is MBAM Pro all the protection I need?

MBAM Pro is antivirus and antimalware, right? I get confused about the differences. I need something to detect the real time threats as well as the scanning for malware.

If I am running MBAM Pro, should I disable/uninstall MSE without worry about having a hole in my security/protection mechanism?

Is it just not a good idea to run MBAM and MSE at the same time on the same system?

Thanks for the help.

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Hi joseibarra,

To answer your questions...MBAM Pro and MSE generally run quite well together. It is recommended to place exclusions within BOTH MBAM (for MSE) and within MSE (for MBAM) to prevent any conflicts with the real-time scanning they both do. There is more information within the FAQ Section in the forum on how to place the aforementioned exclusions.

MBAM is only an anti-malware program, it is not an antivirus.

To answer your last two questions...you do NOT need to disable MBAM Pro. As stated above, MBAM & MSE work well together. There is no problem having MBAM Pro and MSE on the same system. Just ensure you have the necessary exclusions in place within each program to prevent conflicts.

Perhaps some of our other forum members will stop by to offer additional feedback to you.

Best Regards!

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