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mbam32 keeps disappearing

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When I look at task manager the MBAM service is running (I think) since it's in the list. But the mbam32 is not running when the icon in my notification area disappears. I have the latest paid version and have been running it for years. Running the gui from the desktop icon starts it ok and I can do anything I want. But when I exit, the process goes away and no icon.

Is there a log file I can look at to find out why? If I reboot the system I will have the icon from 1 hour to days.

The only other thing that has been weird is that firefox 12 will start from the icon (desktop, launch bar etc) the first couple times after a boot of the system, but then will get the hour glass and nothing. Have to reboot to get it right again. I have tried running firefox in it's safe mode and enabling one add-on at a time, but have not found one that seems to cause this. However, it has not happened the last few days, but MBAM is now being a a stinker.

I am using Webroot complete, MBAM, windows7, 4 GB ram. Other than these couple things, my system is ok.

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Is mbamgui.exe running? That is the process for the tray icon. Also, do keep in mind that by default Windows will hide inactive tray icons, so if you click the little white up arrow to the left of the visible icons in your tray near your clock, you might find Malwarebytes Anti-Malware's tray icon there.

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When this happens, only mbamservice.exe*32 is running.

If I start MBAM from the desktop icon and have a window on the desktop, I also have mbam.exe*32 running when the window shows. But mbamgui.exe*32 is not running.

I don't have win7 hide my icons. Right now the icon is there and mbamgui.exe*32 is running.

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mbam.exe is the process for the scanner and is not part of the protection module.

The tray/protection module starts up with a delay on Windows 7, which might explain the behavior you're seeing. Just to verify that everything is set up and running as it should be, please do the following:

Create an mbam-check log:

  • Download mbam-check.exe from here and save it to your desktop
  • Double-click on mbam-check.exe to run it, it should then open a log file
  • Please copy and paste the entire contents of the log into your next post, or, if you prefer, you may attach the CheckResults.txt file which should now be located on your desktop to your next post instead

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