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Did Anti-Malware delete Thunderbird files?

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Hi all,

a casual encounter with a malware virus had turned into a pretty dramatic situation.

I realised my PC had been infected by the DT virus, a keylogger virus. To deal with it I used the following

- DT-Kill (http://www.infospyware.com/blog/guia-para-eliminar-virus-del-doble-tilde-con-dt-kill-by-infospyware/)

- Malwarebytes' antimalware

- and finally CCleaner.

Once the PC restarted, the virus seemed erased (it manifested itself by printing the accent character twice), BUT...my Thunderbird account and all my emails seem deleted...and, no backup exists...Ive been trying to find out which program caused the damage to find the way to (hopefully) recover the files which are very important to me.

- DT- Kill: the developper said after reading the report, that had nothing to do with the deletion

- CCleaner: apparently CCleaner wouldnt remove Thunderbird emails...so that leaves us with

- Malwarebytes' antimalware: someone suggested the actual malware might have moved files into temporary folders which would then have been deleted by CCleaner, and someone else suggested that they might be in a quarantine folder...

In the quarantine folder there are four files, a couple of Downloaders and an Adware agent...

My question is: is there any way to check if Malwarebytes' antimalware unintentionally deleted my Thunderbird Mail files? I would appreciate any suggestions as the information was quite valuable (yes, I know...BACK-UP!)


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Greetings :)

I'm sorry to hear you had this problem. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware should not have deleted your Thunderbird settings or emails. If you would, please post your scan log from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware showing what it removed.

It is possible that as the other person suggested, that the infection moved the files to a temp location and that CCleaner deleted them.

You can try a data recovery program such as Recuva which is free. Hopefully you can get some or all of the data back.

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  • Root Admin

I know everyone wants stuff free and there are many good free tools out there.

Recuva is okay for a free tool but if it fails to find what you're looking for then you might consider paying for an excellent product that I've paid for myself and so far has worked better than many others I've tried. But in my position I often need to do data recovery.

GetDataBack by Runtime Software

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