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Anti-Rootkit or any other essentials?

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Hey, I got this new laptop and I've got AVG Free and Malwarebytes Pro installed on it as the only two security programs.

Is there anything else I should get? Maybe an anti rootkit? I just downloaded TDSSKiller but I have no idea what is best. Any educated suggestions are very welcome!

Thank you,


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Hi, clanderson:

Welcome to MBAM forum.

I'm just a home user, so I expect the more expert folks will have some additional recommendations for you (such as a software or hardware firewall).

Many of the more robust AVs today offer at least some protection against rootkits -- for example, I use KIS, and it includes rootkit scanning.

I know that several folks here use AVG with MBAM PRO, but I'm not familiar with its protection features.

As for TDSSKiller, I could be wrong, but I understand that to be an on-demand rootkit removal tool, NOT any sort of real-time protection software or something that you'd routinely install or run on your system.

You may find some of the following links to be helpful for setting up your computer's security protection:

How Did I Get Infected: http://forums.malwar...?showtopic=9365

MS Safety/Security Center: http://www.microsoft...ty/default.aspx

Bleeping Computer: http://www.bleepingc...opic407147.html

Forum mod Miekiemoes' tips: http://users.telenet...prevention.html



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TDSSKILLER should only be used under guidance by an expert (trained) helper. It was never intended as a general-computer-user app.

As a sidebar, IF this laptop had McAfee or Norton Symantec edition of any sort, you should insure to de-install that pronto, since you have AVG 2012.

The suggestion is for you to follow a layered defense and also observe safe "clicking" / "surfing" / "viewing" / "downloading" + keep all your utility apps always, but always up-to-date.

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Thanks, Maurice Naggar! :)

(I knew I'd seen you post something like this for OPs in the HJT section, but I didn't have a good link. It contains a ton of helpful info. Perhaps this could be a sticky topic pinned somewhere?)


PS If you need to remove McAfee, here's the link to their removal tool: http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS101331. You may need to run it more than once, rebooting each time. (Offered as a McAfee survivor... ;) )

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P.S.S. Have a harware router between your incoming-internet connection and your pc (and network). { Thanks Daledoc1 for reminder).

Also, for safety, I'm sure you got Windows 7 ---->> make sure you make a Windows 7 Repair disc and keep it in a safe place.

see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Create-a-system-repair-disc

this along with offline mirror-image-backups will save your investment and data should there be a catsatrophe.

{see above for examples)

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Right on. Thanks guys. I use Opera, and as far as I know, it's quite a bit more secure than IE and Firefox. The Spyware Blaster won't work since Opera isn't supported, and I'm not sure about the hosts. But thank you very much for prompt and very informative responses!

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You're welcome!

Since this is a laptop, I expect you'll be taking it with you to school or work or other places away from home? In that case, perhaps a software firewall might be a good idea?

(FWIW I'm not sure about Opera's being more secure than Firefox -- Firefox has a number of really excellent security extensions (WOT, Better Privacy, NoScript, AdBlock Plus, etc) that make it quite secure, especially if one follow's Maurice's advice about safe surfing ;) .)



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