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What is the difference between ISO and CCD

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Hi everybody,

I am questioning about the difference between ISO and CCD. I noticed that an ISO file can be opened either by an UltraISO program or Virtual CloneDrive program.

On the other hand, CCD file can only be opened with a Virtual CloneDrive program.

As you will be seeing the screenshots of both CCD and ISO, you will be finding out there is a list shown when I clicking right-click on a file. Then I choose "open with". After that, there is a subset shown in case ISO file only.



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Hi, my friend.. I've noticed you have questions about a variety of subjects. Asking questions is an excellent way of learning. Sometimes you can get very official, reliable answers to most of your questions by doing a Arabic GOOGLE search, or even an English one as I've noticed your English is better than half the native-speaking English speakers on the system. :)

I only mention this because this Board (and forums) are for questions about Malware and problems with using Malwarebytes to rid oneself of the nasties one catches during ones visits through the web. Most people here also want to help other users with questions and problems not necessarily in the Malware genre because it's natural for our regular users just want to help one another. A question here, and there, on various subjects by a number of users is normal.

For the most part, though, we are not a teaching Board; as such. When one has such a varied interest in quite a multitude of questions, such as yourself, you really should use the vast repository of knowledge available on the web as a first source for your answers. There also many Boards that serve as teaching/answering systems and also have FAQs on almost every subject imaginable.

Yes; there are non-Malware related questions here. As well as discussions on such. I'll be the first to admit even I have asked questions on unrelated subjects. But; I try to ensure I've made every effort to find my answers elsewhere first. This is after all, a Business Board primarily, for the customers of Malwarebytes' and used for those customers' Malware/Infected-systems questions and help in cleaning those systems. All other uses are secondary and at the discretion of the Board owner.

I'm nobody special; I'm a normal user such as yourself. I would only ask that you FIRST try to find the answer via GOOGLE, BING or whatever search engine you use so that people can help others with Malware problems first.

Thanks; and remember, you are always welcome here,


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