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for some reason the latest update to malwarebytes anti-malware seems to be flagging C:\Program Files\Sonic\Backup MyPC 6\System\SBESTART.exe as some sort of password malware. i saw this at one of my clients who i was checking up on the status of last nights backup, finding it didn't run because malwarebytes was waiting for input on whether to quarentee the above file. when i told it ignore the backup started as usual.

the backup program is Sonic BackupMyPC version 6.0.0 build 600B650

then my wife reported she got a similar message also.

i did not get the message and had a successful backup last night. i updated my copy of malwarebytes and then checked the file and then it did report it as malware. i too added it to ignore list.

Seems like database version v2012.05.17.02 seems to be the first version to report this.

sbestart.exe 44.0K (45,056 bytes) 11/30/04 5:10:00am

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well, version v2012.05.17.02 seems to have the problem. i updated to v2012.05.17.04 and that version had no problem with the file. thank you for addressing it...

i took out this account just now as i felt it would help to bring this to your attention.

have a good day

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