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Running MBAM remotely

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I was able to find out how to run MBAM via the command prompt and remotely even (I'm using PSTools to gain access to the 'remote' pc's command prompt). But at this point I'm only testing it on a PC (sitting next to my main PC) which is used for testing (as if it were a network user's PC). In looking through the task manager on the 'remote' pc, I notice the program starts when I run the silent update (mbam.exe /update -silent) from its command prompt, but never closes (based on the amount of time it usually takes to update when you're looking at the program run normally). So, I waited a few minutes, the Mem Usage never grows (indicating it was not doing anything) so I assumed it was done rather quickly. I then ran mbam.exe /scan -quick -log -silent -remove which starts another instance of mbam.exe in the task manager, which also continues and continues without disappearing (finishing). From what I understand, if you're using the 'silent' parameter in either command, it should terminate the program automatically when complete, thus making the completed process invisible to a user on a remote pc, and leaving the log in the default location on their local machine to be collected afterward. The user never sees a thing (unless they're looking at the task manager or their hard drive light blinking from activity).

1. Am I wrong in my assumptions on how this works?

2. How will I know it's finished scanning remotely? The command prompt I ran it from locally just displays a new command prompt after a matter of seconds while the process is still running on the remote machine.

3. I'm familiar with how it runs while you're sitting there but in most cases there requires a little interaction, which I assumed the switches would take care of.... but I need to run this remotely and quietly so to not disturb users working (or as little as possible). Is this possible?

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Greetings :)

For the -silent parameter to work, the product must be registered with a valid ID and Key. That parameter (as well as the -remove parameter) does not function in the Free version, so I expect that's the issue you're encountering. If this is the registered version, then once the process is complete, mbam.exe should terminate as you expect.

Additionally, it sounds like you're testing this for use in a corporate/business or repair environment of some type, so I'd highly recommend contacting Corporate Support as they will be able to address your concerns more thoroughly. This forum is primarily for consumer support.

Thanks :)

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