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Permanently deleted files

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Hope someone can help me please...long story but! I bought my laptop off the company who made me redundant, so had all the programmes, anti virus etc. Anyway, laptop started switching itself on and off the other day so I thought I would be clever and do a system restore. Trouble is, I did a whole system restore rather than go to a previous date. Now have none of the programmes, files etc. The main thing I want is to restore my wireless internet connection. I've searched but can only find updates. Can anyone tell me how to find and download the wireless driver for an HP Compaq 6715s please? Thanks, in anticipation!!

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Hi, Annie1964:

Sorry to hear you're having trouble locating drivers for your computer.

It looks as if you have a duplicate topic for the same issue HERE ?

In fact, this is the better sub-forum for your thread :) , but having duplicate topics will just create confusion and clutter.

You might wish to send a PM to one of the moderating team, asking to merge your posts or close the duplicate topic?

As for specific recs, it looks as if Porthos advised checking the Compaq/HP drivers/software page.

That would be the best place to start.

If the computer is still under warranty, you could try to contact HP support directly with the "service tag" or equivalent information that identifies your particular device.

Even if it's not under warranty, you might still be able to open a fee-based, per-incident ticket with HP support.

If you know the specs on the wireless card, I suppose you could also try the manufacturer's website for that component?

I'm not a geek -- just a home user helping out -- so, other than that, we'll need to wait for more expert advice.

Hope you get it fixed,


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