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I've heard that CCleaner is a great program, I've also heard that it is spyware/adware. I have installed CCleaner from the official website (piriform) and I've scanned the file with Malwarebytes. It came out clean. I just have a couple of questions. What do you guys have to say about CCleaner, is it safe, is it harmful etc? Also, I've heard a lot of people say that the registry cleaner can potentially harm your computer and to not run it. I haven't run it at all because I don't want anything messing with my registry. But the normal cleaner that cleans applications and cookies etc, I've run at least 7-8 times. I've had CCleaner downloaded for a little over a week and just now thought to ask you guys. Also, I've heard that if you use CCleaner too many times, it'll kill your computer, how true is that? I only run CCleaner when I'm done browsing and working, just before shutting down, but I do this every day. Is it safe to? Thanks and I look forward to hearing your opinions.

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It's a well known and respected program and I've never heard it referred to as being malicious in any way.

That being said, I and many others do recommend staying away from the Registry component simply because registry cleaning typically yields no performance gains but risks problems with a user's system.

I run CCleaner at least once a day whenever I finish browsing the web to clear out the temp files that accumulate and I've done so on every system I've owned for many years now and have never had any issues because of it.

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Guest Seagull

I never seen or heard of CCleaner killing or hurting anyones computer, so I am going to say no, it will not hurt your computer.

I have been using CCleaner for about 3 years now and never experienced any issues. As for the registry cleaner, some people will say its a bad idea and some people will

say its good. I have also been using CCleaner to clean the registry and never experienced any ill effects, nor did I gain any performance for cleaning the registry.

The registry cleaner just deletes entries that are obselete or no longer have a purpose so to speak, for example, leftovers from uninstalling a program. So in a way it can

keep the registry more free of junk that no longer has a purpose for anything.

I always recommend CCleaner and installed it on all my friends and families computers and ran both the Cleaner and Registry Cleaner and I have never seen any issues or

ill effects what so ever.

I run CCleaner once a day Daily on my Laptop, sometimes more, just whenever I feel like too, and I am still here. :)

Also, CCleaner is not spyware or adware, I never got infected from downloading and installing it from there official website www.piriform.com

This is all from my personal experience and my personal opinion. Your computer is going to be just fine Quikfix if you run CCleaner 7-8 times a day.

I hope this helps. :)

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Haha, thanks guys.

@exile360: If a mBAM moderator uses it personally, I have no problem in keeping it downloaded :)

@Seagull: Thanks, I'm kinda paranoid and want to make sure before I download anything, especially if it has anything to do with the registry. Also, what I meant was 7-8 times in a week (once a day), but if you said that 7-8 times a day is fine, then once a day is like...nothing! :)

@noknojon: Yes, I will check it out. Thanks for the link. You have a good day :)

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i have used CCleaner for a few years ... and have had good results with it .

i will not go into the pros/cons or effectiveness of the registry cleaning portion .

as for it being "malware" ... that is absolutely ludicrous .

however ... there are "look/sound-alikes" out there ... beware !

(a google search of "registry cleaners" will illustrate what i am referencing)

i always download the latest version directly from piriform .

on an additional note and possibly where the "malware" claim may originate partially ...

the last few versions have included the option to install some "google toolbar" .

be cautious and do not install it .

toolbars = bad ... end of story .

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  • Root Admin


v3.18.1707 (25 Apr 2012)

- Added support for Firefox 12 final release.

- Added support for Google Chrome 20.0 beta.

- Added multi-select to detailed results view.

- Improved support for Internet Explorer 64-bit Add-ons.

- Improved folder detection algorithm for cleaning items.

- Improved scrolling interface for Include/Excluding dialogs.

- Improved compatibility with Windows 7 alt-tab functionality.

- Improved user interface for Drive Wiper Tool.

- Added support for Opera Portable.

e.g. CustomLocation1=OPERA|T:\OperaPortable\Data\profile

- Added cleaning for Corel VideoStudio Pro X5, MS Security Client and GIMP 2.8.

- Improved cleaning for OpenOffice 3, AIMP 3.

- Minor GUI improvements.

- Minor bug fixes.

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  • 4 years later...

Oops, posted before I noticed this was thread necromancy.


That link is not the official CCleaner download site, I would beware of using it.

I'll report it to piriform as well.



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