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Hotmail - Can't Delete or Open Emails in Firefox Only.

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I've been a long-time free user of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. I decided to purchase a registration recently and this past weekend finally went thru the registration process. Thought it would just change my copy from a free copy to a licensed one, but some configuration changes were requested and I chose options as best I could understand them.

Don't know if it's just coincidence or what, but later in the day, I tried to open/delete some emails in my Hotmail account and I can't. Nothing happens. Can open Hotmail using IE & Chrome without issue.

Prior to registration, I was able to access just fine. Coincidence? I tried Firefox in "safe mode" which disables add-ons, but still no luck. Anti-Malware's scan only found some "tracking cookies".

"Googled" as best I could trying to find a direct answer and though I didn't find one, it's obvious Firefox can have issues with Hotmail, when the other known browsers don't.

I'd appreciate any insight if anyone has any ideas,



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Hello and welcome to MBAM forum:

I don't use Hotmail and I'm just an MBAM home user, but I'd have to think this is a coincidence.

I can't imagine any way that MBAM would interfere with hotmail.

Moreover, I've seen several threads at the Mozillazine forum over the past week or so (especially since the release of Fx v 12) about hotmail issues & Fx.

For example (2 most recent are listed first):







Perhaps something in one of those threads holds a clue for your issue?

In addition, you might want to try some basic Fx diagnostics (such as Mozilla Safe Mode or a new, clean profile) to troubleshoot:





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Your 1st suggested link was "spot-on" including having a recent date (March 2012).

Turns out that a Foxit Reader Plugin, though installed on all my browsers, was responsible for my Hotmail issues. Once disabled, all is back to normal.

Though I called myself checking here as well as Firefox forums, I never found the subject your provided. Your "Google-Fu" is much better than mine. :D

Many thanks for researching & providing assistance! I'm also happy to pay for such a fine product which I've been using for free.


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Hi, jkd_ba:

Thanks for the update!

Glad it's working for you now.

I also don't believe in coincidences when it comes to computer malfunctions, but sometimes, just sometimes, they do happen. :)

As for Google-Fu, well, I hang out at the MZ forum quite a bit, since I'm a long-time user of both Fx and TB.

I just happened to recall seeing "hotmail" come up in some recent topics, especially in reference to Fx 12.

I don't use hotmail, so I didn't read them in detail, but I do recall mention of the Foxit Reader Plug-In.

Well, glad that's all sorted and glad I could help.

Don't hesitate to post back, if you should ever need assistance again!

Enjoy your MBAM!



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