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The desktop of my computer suddenly doesn't response

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Most shortcuts icons are not active and clearly shown . When I click any item[icons] of these which are being listed on the desktop, there isn't any response, although the browsers and programs which are available in start up list are working well. As a result, I have to open any program I need from clicking "strat up" button, then I choose the prorgram I want from the shown list.

When I am on a website or inside a window of a program and I have to open a program or folder on the desktop, I used to show the desktop by clicking the button for showing the desktop which is located in the bottom left-hand corner. However, when this problem happens, that button doesn't response at all. As a result, I have to minimize all the open windows to show the desktop.

I have to restart my computer to fix this problem, and then everything is be fine. However, this problem comes back again after a certain time I don't quite how long it is.

What sometimes causes this problem?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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Do you know how to do a System Restore to 2 days back ? ?

That should restore your desktop -

Thank you so much indeed for your reply.

I haven't done so before. However, even if I want to do that, how will System Restore be able to restore my desktop as long as I don't have any previous backups?

By the way, this problem doesn't always happen; however, it happens suddenly and from time to time as I mentioned. In addition, I have seen it recently. it has approximately been happened for three days.

Would you mind teaching me the way during which I can do that?

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How to use System Restore A pictorial guide from Seven Forums - From a 5 second Google search -

If you do not like this method then type "Windows7 System Restore" into Google and it is there -

Remember that 99% of what you will need is always listed in Google -

You can ask almost anything by just typing the problem in Google - I live on GOOGLE -

Thanks a lot, do you think when I apply this way, I will lose anything from my settings. Is it similar to backup for system?

You didn't tell me what causes this problem.

I would also like to confim that this problem sometimes happens.

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""do you think when I apply this way, I will lose anything from my settings""

No you will lose nothing, it is not a re-install of your operating system

""You didn't tell me what causes this problem.""

Computers cause this problem - Purchase and read "The Dummies Book For Windows7". This explains many things.

""I would also like to confim that this problem sometimes happens.""

You have proved it sometimes happens by showing this picture, and yes it happens to me if I play some games for too long

I then do a System Restore to my last point -

Spend some time on GOOGLE to try and find your answers first - See my earlier post -

I typed in "How to do a System Restore on Windows7" and that is where you got that link I posted -

Search = About 39,200,000 results (0.31 seconds)

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Amazon has a super deal on the book, DVD and even includes Windows Office in addition to Windows 7.


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that book would make a good addition to my bathroom reference library .

... seriously ...


hmmm ... i wonder how many members have technical information/reference books and such as that in their bathroom ?

maybe a poll is in order ?

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