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Problems in using the Forum

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I am new to Malwarebytes forum. In fact, new to forums in general. I had two problems when using the forum that may also be problems for people like me with little experience.

1. I went to type into my Reply box and found that it would not accept keystrokes. I tried everything to get back in-sync including rebooting my computer, entering the forum in various ways (going directly to the web-page of my topic, searching for my topic, etc.) Nothing helped. After much trial and error, I found that if I right-clicked on the Reply box, a context menu with choices that looked odd to me appeared. These options included "Back" and "Reload" and some other stuff. In desperation, I clicked on "Reload". The Reply box was then able to accept keystrokes.

What is all this about? How does the Forum get into this state? Why does it need me to help it get out? Why is this not automatic? I don't think this was the normal context menu; how many are there?

2. After conversing on the forum for a while, I eventually reached the end of Page One. Being a novice, I did not even know there would be a Page Two. I found a Reply box at the "end" of the topic. After "Reloading" a couple of times (see problem 1, above), I was able to enter text. When I clicked on the button, the text I had entered seemed to disappear! When leaving the topic and coming back a short time later, I again found the same empty Reply box at the same place.

It took me the longest time to realize that my text was being entered on Page Two of the topic where I could not see it! (no, I am not a moron, just new to using any kind of Forum).

In my humble opinion, there should be no such empty reply box at the end of a page. The page should end with a filled-in reply box and below that, an arrow to click on that says "Next Page". That would have been all the help I needed.

What I would like, after hearing some explanation for these anomalies, is for someone with some authority to send my complaints to someone who has the power to make changes in the mechanics of the Forum itself. Thank you in advance.

if you cannot make such anomalies go away, how about at least providing an "instruction sheet" with "solutions to common problems" for new users when they create an account? How about an easy to find form in which to enter complaints to the "Webmaster" (or some such being) under "Contact Us"?

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