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Yes I am new to the forums here at MBAM but not new to the program it self. For my first post i will have a suggesstion I am sorry if this seems like I am dissing you but I am not. Along with what is currently added I think MBAM should have other places that requires a password confirmation.

Additional places that should require a password:

Exiting the taskbar icon

Pauseing and cancleing a scan

Cancleing a update

Running the fileASSASSIN

Acessing the quarantine and scan logs

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Greetings and welcome to the forum :)

Thank you for your suggestions. We do indeed plan to implement many improvements to the password protected settings function, including most if not all of the items you listed (along with several others), though I do not know when these enhancements will come.

Do keep an eye out though, as we have many big plans for our upcoming releases this year :).

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Thanks for that reply.

I have a request. I know im new to you guys and i know SAS is a competitor but right now im kinda annoyed with them. Last week or so i posted this topic over at SAS pretty much asking the samething here (this was not meant to be spam or anything). I was wondering to all those who are registered at SAS forums could post in my topic and agree with what im asking to atleast try to get them to reply back because by the looks of it it doesnt seem like they are gonna go with it.

Thanks for taking my suggestion with cooperation mbam and thanks to all who that might reply to the SAS topic.

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